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GTKonnect's Global Supply Chain Security - CTPAT creates an automated and sustainable set of tools for managing your CTPAT certification program efficiently and seamlessly, based on US CBP recommended security process.

GTK CTPAT tool provides an efficient and effective way to interact and record information from various supply chain partners regarding their CTPAT status or your prescribed security protocols. This information is used to evaluate risk areas within the supply chain, build action plans to reduce risk in high-risk areas, enforce consistent application security procedures and ultimately protect your company and your brand.


Data Maintenance and Upload

Uploading partners, managing parties, and adding core data should be a simple process. With GTKonnect you can easily upload master data, vendors, partners, questionnaires and other solicitations via Excel, CSV or if needed we can assist.

Manage all Parties in your Supply Chain

GTKonnect helps manage the certification process for Vendors, Manufacturers, Forwarders, Consolidators, Carriers, Truckers or any other party by linking their roles and activities to your supply chain. When issues arise, you can easily locate any documentation, training or communication that occurred in the validation, maintenance, and review process.

Risk Assessment Creation

Your business is your business - as a software provider, we create the base elements for the management of risk. Whether is it the weighting of questions, partner-specific risk level or county level risk assignment you manage the risk within your supply chain scenarios.

Build your own

We understand that security and compliance require flexibility. Our tool allows for the customization and creation of multiple questionnaires and workflows to support your business and security process - weight and score results for visibility to high-risk areas and to drive comprehensive action plans.

Efficiency and Automation

The expectation of software is that its use produces quantifiable results to your bottom line. The setup. solicitation, validation, review, follow up and corrective action can be managed through various internal tools but is not efficient, cost-effective or even sustainable. GTKonnect provides a proven nearly hands-off business solution allowing users to focus on the exceptions and drive compliance.

Back to Automation and Efficiency

Automate questionnaire dispersal, tracking, revalidation, suppliers will complete via the web, supplier document attachment and storage, action plans, dashboards, reporting, and history tracking - all functions that allow you to focus on the exceptions not chasing the vendors. Driving dollars back to your bottom line.

Graphical Supply Chains

GTKonnect provides the ability to create a map your supply chains with assigned risk based on your risk set up. Your supply chain has multiple parties supplying your services, visually reviewing your supply chain risk allows you to make the decisions to ensure the security of your products and protect your brand.

Region-Based Threat Assessment

Type in "risk" into the internet and you are overwhelmed with search results. GTKonnect provides a configurable automated research and analysis tool where the user can select from a preloaded list of websites (both US customs recommended and user-configured) and add keywords to pull in data to create a region-based risk assessment.

GTKonnect launches iKonnect +



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