GTKonnect launches iKonnect+

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Denied Party Screening


Doing business in a global environment requires certain compliance functions and activities, including screening business partners.

GTK's Denied Party Screening (DPS) software can screen business partners in various ways; as a standalone tool screening one party at a time, mass screening via excel upload, or even an integrated solution.

Getting started is simple, choose the lists to screen against, load or add parties, screen and verify the results. Too many hits? Adjust the search algorithm and Soundex logic to reduce false results. Have consistent parties that result in false positives? Build a safe list of your key parties and recheck them only when list changes occur.

GTK DPS provides an efficient, customizable tool with in-house content management for all your global party screening needs.



GTKonnect DPS contains over 190 global lists managed by our in-house content, updating lists every day. Our DPS solution provides the citation information available in the US Federal Register .

Excluded words

With GTK DPS you have the ability to maintain excluded words that will be automatically omitted from the matching process.

Automated Screening and Integration

Built-in web service for integrating with ERPs and other any internal systems to access the search and its results. GTK DPS is set up for automated screenings of parties in other GTK modules.

Fuzzy logic

Users have the ability to search based on fuzzy logic or an exact search.


DPS will flag parties and transactions that match against any of the screened lists and automatically alert the user of the match for further action.

Search threshold

Search threshold gives the ability to users to limit the recovering search result.


Web service integration for any internal systems to access the search and its results.

Search words

Search words can be limited to one, two or more to limit the recovering search result.


DPS has the ability to do Soundex variations that can be set up at the transactional level or configured as a system level setting.

Safe Lists

Identify parties as "safe" - when lists are updated system will automatically check your "safe list" against those changes and send you the results.

GTKonnect launches iKonnect +



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