GTKonnect launches iKonnect+

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Document Image System (DIS)


US Customs through the ACE deployment is moving to a paperless workflow. While this is a positive for the environment, it is also a productivity enhancement. To support this step forward GTKonnect built functionality within our Imports module and as a standalone tool to assist importers and service providers for submitting critical documents to US Customs and other agencies. This process is simple; upload nonsystematic generated documents, align the document type to the requesting agency requirements, and transmit. No more faxing or creating document pouches to send to the Customs.


Quick and Simple

If using GTK Imports add additional entry documentation for entry support with the Customs designated document type. If a document request message is received the system configuration allows for auto-send as long as the specific document types in the request are available in images. If not user can add the required documents/type and submit to Customs from the import entry.

If using as a standalone tool; key the required entry details, add the documents and appropriate document types and send to Customs.

Alignment with ACE Requirements

As more and more agencies adopt the paperless process, GTK's content management team reviews any changes to the Customs DIS implementation guide and updates DIS as needed.


When using the standalone GTKonnect DIS tool; loaded and submitted documents are linked back to the Import Entry when using GTKonnect Imports.


GTK DIS tracks document submissions and customs response messages providing an audit trail for complaint management.

GTKonnect launches iKonnect +



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