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Foreign Trade Zone


FTZ or not to FTZ that is the question. In the current global trade environment, it is becoming nearly impossible to keep up with all the possible changes to existing trade agreements. With an FTZ, if things change you have the control. GTK can assist in determining if this is the right move for your business. When the decision is made to move forward, you will need tools to ensure compliance and manage your zone activity. Our solution automates your zone-related data and transactions through reconciling your inventory BoM data, integration with entry platforms and partners to reduce data entry.


Zone and Company Management

Create, configure and manage zones and customers in GTKonnect. Company and zone level settings allow control of zone-types and zone-specific business processes such as Direct Delivery vs. Regular Delivery, automatic creation of PTT and multiple downstream processes. GTKonnect comes with over 50 + settings at the zone and company level; driving business process efficiency and maintaining compliance boundaries.

Weekly Entry Process

With a simple upload template and a copy feature to support one-click reproduction of the weekly estimate, GTK simplifies the weekly estimate submission. GTK tracks weekly consumptions against the submitted estimates and proactively alerts users to overages from the estimate. A simple user action creates the weekly entry as well as any required supplemental entries for the week. Entries can be directly filed from GTK to the CBP ACE system or shared with any other internal or external brokerage applications.

Robust Parts Database

GTKonnect Parts database is an essential component of the FTZ system. Connected with the latest HTS schedule updates, the Parts database: Provides maintenance of valid HTS at the part level, supports complex HTS scenarios such as Sets/Kits and allows for part level management of PGAs, ADD/CVD, and SPIs as well as other features to increase efficiencies and manage compliance.

Export/Zone to Zone transfers

Based on the withdrawal type, GTK can automatically create In-bond entries required for the movement of the goods out of the zone either for export or to transfer to another zone.

Master Data Management

Master data tables such as Vendors/MIDs, HTS, Ports, Firms, etc. ensure that valid data is reported to customs on all transactions. Vendor data can easily be uploaded into GTK through a simple on-screen interface. HTS and other Customs provided information can be queried directly from CBP through GTKs CBP ACE link.

Inventory Reconciliation

GTK FTZ performs a comparison between the GTK inventory and the WMS inventory through a daily balance file interface, GTK proactively reports any discrepancies in inventory between the two applications, allowing the user to take corrective actions.

Bill of Lading/Invoice Management

Options to create BL through manual screens, Cargo Manifest query and data uploads make it easy and simple with managing your BLs in GTKonnect. Similarly, Commercial Invoices can be loaded or created through screens.

Assist and Scrap Management

GTK supports processing of Assists with specialized programming to load and store Assists at the part level. Similarly, scrap transactions are handled through a specialized 216 processes to ensure high level of compliance and reporting

Electronic Permit to Transfer (E-PTT) Submission

GTKonnect supports efficient management of E-PTT through 1 click create options from BL and direct submission to ACE for customs approval. E-PTTs can be submitted as part of the admissions in special cases.

Quarterly HMF Reporting

GTK tracks and manages the HMF per admission and allows the user to submit the HMF report on a quarterly basis to CBP using the Quarterly HMF report.

Admission Management/E214

GTKonnect supports both a daily consolidation as well as individual admissions based on the zone type. Various rules and validations ensure data integrity as well as error-free e214 submission to customs. Settings control system behavior for automatic or manual concurrence of the 214, an essential step in the 214 lifecycle. The system can also be automated in cross-dock scenarios to process the concurrence on receipt confirmation automatically and to create the withdrawals immediately from the receipt records.

Forms and Reports

GTK, out of the box, comes loaded with all the standard forms and reports, such as 214, 214 proforma, 216, Quarterly HMF, 7512, 3461, 7501, entry proforma, Annual Board Report, etc. required for customs submission and audit. GTK uses an ad-hoc report writer tool for the creation of dynamic management reports and queries. The query actions, if needed, are saved for repetitive use. GTK comes with over 80+ pre-created queries that help with data analysis and management reporting.

In-bond Management

GTKonnect's In-bond module allows for the creation and submission of QP/WP in-bond transactions to ACE. If an external provider manages the in-bond, GTK provides for the capture of the 3rd party in-bond numbers to facilitate the admission process.


GTK dashboards, an add-on feature to GTK, provides state of the art graphical dashboards and charts that help the user with zone health management and zone performance calculations.

Inventory Control / Management

GTKonnect supports FIFO, first-in and first-out and other unique ID's (e.g., Lot Number) based inventory management. Inventory receipts, adjustments, and withdrawals processing through electronic data interfaces from the WMS or through user input. A robust halt release process allows for the system to check the integrity of the data and to allow the strict maintenance of the selected inventory methodology.


Efficient operations in an FTZ is a result of an ability of the FTZ system to receive and process data from various external sources, thereby automating the zone operations and ensuring an error-free and complaint zone. GTK integration module with the support of our implementation team supports the seamless integration to receive and process data from any external source. Our integration programs ensure that data of only the highest quality and accuracy is processed into our core FTZ functions through numerous validations and a rock-solid halt release process. Be it a CSV file, an XML or a complex EDI structure; our team will work to process the data.

GTKonnect launches iKonnect +



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