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GTKonnect ISF combines powerful processing and advanced feature sets to provide an ideal solution to manage your ISF filings. ISF is seen as a task or necessary activity but when taken deeper into the compliance program it is can be an integral part of your check and balances. GTKonnect's ISF solution focuses on two opportunities; stand alone and highly-integrated.

With the stand-alone process, users key the ISF data and file the entry. But with GTKonnect you don't have to take a "key it and leave it" approach. Entered data goes through a validation process, and can be pushed downstream for import entry processing.

Highly-integrated processing is used to drive efficiencies, lower compliance failure rates and maximize cost savings. PO and Shipment data whether from the GTK Pre-Entry module or loaded from your ERP is used to create the ISF filing. If ASN data (from the Freight Forwarding system) is available GTKonnect will combine the data to drive a hands-off ISF filing. While this takes some IT work, we make simple through our standard data load formats. The push a little further to drive the import entry processing.


Simplified and efficient data entry

Data entry should be easy, not complicated. With GTKonnect we have built a configurable solution that minimizes repetitive data entry even in the stand-alone mode by using data defaults, integrated master data, and templates. Automation with the integration of PO and ASN reduces errors and kicks up the efficiency lowering the cost per transaction.


Not going to pull punches here - validation sounds great. A buzzword to make compliance folks feel warm and fuzzy. We wrote validations and business rules in GTK to drive business processes to ensure tasks and data are complete and correct. But validation methods can only be maximized when core data is set up and managed. Our team supports you in the implementation, can help with data clean up and load. We provide a set of reports for continued analysis keeping the base data in tip-top shape.

Create parties on the fly

Sometimes manual intervention is necessary. GTK allows you to save key data fields to ensure that they are there the next time you need them. Create parties such as; manufacturers, selling parties, consolidators, stuffing locations, importers, consignees, buying parties and ship to parties all on the fly for reuse in future processing.

Visibility and Reporting

What is visibility? Our definition; simple and efficient tools to obtain information when users need it and whenever possible automate exceptions and processes. GTKonnect ISF with its core base of reports (for management, control, and data analysis), management dashboard, and ad-hoc reporting tools create a framework to ensure activities are complete, failures and re-work are minimized. 

Robust Parts Database

A robust parts database is key to ensuring continuity of compliance and data quality. It is the glue that drives validation. GTK Parts, one of the base components of ISF, is a robust parts module that can be used as an independent tool or linked to your ERP. It contains fields essential for ISF, Import and Export processes. Parts data can be used to drive consistent entry or even used to validate PO ensuring your classifications are used in filings. With a host of features, it is an integrated and essential part of managing your process.

Recycle and Reuse

While ISF can be a stand-alone activity we strongly suggest that whenever possible keyed data be reused in downstream processes. Whether ISF is being fed from GTK Pre-Entry, loaded from a freight forwarding platform or ISF is your starting point our team works with you to build opportunities to increase your efficiencies through automating data-flows from the start through the import entry.

GTKonnect launches iKonnect +



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