GTKonnect launches iKonnect+

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GTK is platform agnostic, capable of consuming data from any brokerage and operating systems through simple, well defined and structured interfaces. Our product is designed to capture both the broker entry data as well as ACE/ITAR entry data for auditing. We then design the audit around the client requirements running from high level to detailed.

High-level audits of broker data may trigger off key items like entry types, SPI declarations, reconciliation flagging, value thresholds, etc. These audits help the users to focus on a smaller data set as against the entire entry universe.

Additional audit opportunities can be using data sources including ACE/ITAR entry data, parts, and part details, vendors/manufacturers, PO/Invoice and other transaction data, transportation data, and additional references. These can be done using automated data loads/feeds allowing for more automation and deeper visibility. This tool can be expanded globally targeting global clients who want centralized control and management or pushed in those markets for country-level clients.


Streamlined Part Data

Our robust parts database helps to get a better handle on part level attributes such as HTS, CO, Supplier, SPI and PGA data elements and thereby controlling the entry-level declarations. This data can then be shared with one or many platforms, both internal and external, through simple integrations.

Capture Data Manually or Automated

Manual or automated processes for capturing entry data; CSV, Excel upload, FTP, EDI – use our formats or provide us your preferred templates – the brokerage platform sends it to a folder and we load it to GTK.

Visibility to Importer

Use GTK's reports and dashboard to provide visibility to Importer/s, as much or as little as needed

Document Retention

Automated and manual document retention of documents against entry data; CI, entry packet, all DIS doc types

Load ACE/ITAR Data

Load ACE/ITAR Entry data to compare/audit against platform's entry data.

Post Summary Correction

Create PSC from loaded entry data and send a copy of PSC entry data to your brokerage system to ensure correct and timely filing.


Audit all aspects of the entry; System compares various data sets such as PO/CI, parts, SPI/FTA, HTS, CO, Chapter, ADD/CVD, OGA/PGA, flag discrepancies for a detailed audit.


Track liquidations, events, loads, images, and statuses.

Drawback and Reconciliation

Capture all your entry data for filing drawback or reconciliation.

GTKonnect launches iKonnect +



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