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Import Management

Importing can be a complex process, but it does not have to be cumbersome. GTK's Import Management product suite focuses on areas critical to driving compliance and efficiencies.

These tools provide the base, processing, auditing, and structure to manage all facets of the imports process. Too often importers manage their operations through spreadsheets, multiple products or even home-grown IT tools. While these do the job, they tend to be limited in efficiency, automation, and are usually tied to specific resources.

Moving your Import Management to a set of tools geared to support your business needs increases the efficiency of data usage and allows for automation. More importantly, it brings your business's data to your fingertips.

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Export Management

Exports are simple; pack the box, complete the paperwork, deliver to the carrier, and bill the client. Oh, those were the days, but sadly it has become way more complicated.

ECCN determination, denied party screening, correct AES transactions or even ensuring the export paperwork has all the necessary accurate information, attention to detail is essential in minimizing compliance risk. GTK's Export Management suite of products is an end-to-end export compliance and management set of tools to assisting in; ECCN determination, AES filing, export documentation and integrated/standalone Denied Party Screening.

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Foreign Trade Zone

FTZ is used to help control costs and cash flow. Run the numbers. The cost savings can be substantial.

Some of the myths that keep people committing to a FTZ:

  • Audits, regulatory issues, red tape, tracking, and reporting come up a lot, but with GTK FTZ software these are managed throughout the lifecycle of the product.
  • FTZ's don't fit my business model. Not true, Zones can be used by almost all importing businesses; manufacturing, B2C, B2B, kitting, cross dock, etc.
  • FTZ's are costly. A big myth. FTZ's can help free up cash flow by deferring or eliminating duties, provide MPF savings, take advantage of tariff inversions and even exempt imported goods from state/local inventory taxes.

GTK's FTZ solution automates your zone-related data and transactions through reconciling your inventory BoM data, integration with entry platforms and your partners to reduce data entry.

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Free Trade Agreements - FTA

You run a complicated global business. In your experience, you know that management of trade agreements can be tricky.

GTK's trade agreement tool focuses on managing the entire trade agreement lifecycle; BOM qualification, access to latest trade agreement rules of origin, management of certificate requests, product analysis for trade agreement application, validation management, and centralize electronic certificate retention. Move away from emails, manual tracking, and inefficient certificate distribution into a streamlined controllable process.

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Global Parts and Classification

Your company went out and spent a large sum of money on an ERP or SAP or some other three-letter acronym. It does a great job of managing production planning, materials, manufacturing, accounting and a lot of critical business processes. But as a Compliance Manager, a compliance risk you face is ensuring that you have your essential compliance data at your fingertips.

Add-on modules for ERP's can be expensive and clunky. GTK'S Global Parts and Classification provides an alternate compliance tool for housing key data elements and supporting global classification. Easily integrated and web-based with over 100 country level classifications, GTK Global Parts delivers you the assurance for managing this area of your business.

Streamline classification and parts management.

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Global Supply Chain Security/Compliance

C-TPAT, AEO, PIP; the program is of no consequence - Once you join, you need to maintain the requirements of the program. Pushing this deeper into your supply chain, these programs serve to drive compliance within your organization, protecting your brand.

GTK's Global Supply Chain Security and Compliance tool makes managing solicitations, vendor compliance, partners, and security programs efficient, and straightforward.

We love Excel, but in the long run, it is not a sustainable tool for managing something as important as a government security program, driving accountability, and securing your supply chain.

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GTKonnect launches iKonnect +



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We cannot possibly predict what is going to happen every minute of every day. But we can prepare for it. In the gear we carry. The clothes we wear. The mindset we hold. Whether we are on duty or off road. In country or out of cell range.

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“With our significant import volume and limited resources, the amount of work required to comply with the ISF requirement would have been unmanageable without an efficient system.

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