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Technology is at the core of all that we do at GTKonnect. We find smart ways of marrying business processes and technology that will streamline business flow for every client.

GTKonnect collaborates with certified compliance brokers, import managers, and international trade managers, working in retail, manufacturing, electronics, food/beverage, and other industries. A leader in global trade management, GTKonnect specializes in helping companies enhance supply chain visibility and compliance.

Our custom, state-of-the-art GTKonnect suite of global trade management software is designed to support the needs of self-filing importers/exporters and service providers to improve operational efficiencies through automation, integration, and collaboration. Flexible solutions; Base + Customization help customers to simplify the process of managing imports, exports, zone administration, classification security and trade agreements.

In addition to software, we also provide managed services to support client's needs.

  • Advanced Integration ServicesAdvanced Integration
  • Implementation and PlanningImplementation and
  • Audit ProcessAudit Process
  • Managed ISF Filing.jpg Managed ISF Filing
  • Customs Compliance Strategies Customs Compliance
  • Tariff ClassificationTariff Classification
  • Drawback Assistance Drawback Assistance
  • Solicitation Management Solicitation Management
Advanced Integration Services

Advanced Integration Services

Integration, Implementation, and Planning

Every event has a beginning and end. When we think of integration, we picture two systems talking to each other, but it goes deeper than that. It involves business process mapping, defining who does what and when, and considers the impact of change management in the implementation plan. Our implementation planning maps the entire lifecycle using business process review, design, development, implementation, change management, and a continuous improvement plan. If there is a cost-effective way to share data, we strive to implement that process to reduce cost and minimize data entry errors.

Items for integration:

  • - Infrastructure planning
  • - System integration
  • - Data Migration
  • - Customized business logic and client level business rules
  • - Event-based notifications
  • - Training and change management plan
  • - Support and communication
  • - Feedback loop and continuous improvement

Audit Process

You have decided to take the leap to get the right tools for your business. Tools should work to tell a story; what is working, what is not working and what needs attention. The audit process meets that need. During implementation, our experienced team will help set up the business rules that drive the audit process. We use the "keep it simple" methodology – don’t over complicate it – the audit process should quickly and visually identify failures and gaps so they can be responded to before they escalate into issues and problems.

Basic Audit Process:

  • - Collect data and information
  • - Run data through business rules
  • - Track and report; identify issues, assign an owner, track the time open / action / closure, use a feedback and continuous improvement loop to identify if the failure was systemic, human or other
  • - Report KPI's and metrics
Customs Compliance Strategies

Customs Compliance Strategies

Globally, it is the responsibility of the Importer or Exporter to ensure they or their service provider does it right. As a service provider for compliance solutions, we can help navigate rules, laws, and changes when they occur. We believe that it is our responsibility to communicate and collaborate with you as a trusted partner ensuring that the tools are updated reflect those changes. Support may also include; training, modification of business rules and changes to the audit process.

We believe that one of our core strengths is relationships. While we interrupt the rules, and how to implement them from a technology standpoint, we rely on our partners (you) to make sure they make business sense.

  • - Import Compliance
  • - Export Compliance
  • - Document compliance
  • - Implementation compliance
  • - Regulatory Compliance
  • - Compliance Training

Drawback Assistance

Millions of dollars are left on the table every year in unclaimed duty drawback every year. Do you bring in material, pay duty and add it to your product and ship it back out of the country? You may qualify for duty drawback.

It sounds complicated. But with the proper toolsets and data flows, you can simplify the process. With our support team, we help collect import and export data, verify it against the bill of materials, build a calculated percentage (if needed) and then mash it all together to file the claim. The days of rekeying invoices and entries are over – reuse, automate, verify and submit.

Drawback Assistance
Implementation and Planning

Implementation and Planning

Integrating with an existing platform or a software tool can be complicated. Our staff is highly trained to make the implementation and integration as smooth as possible. Your account manager creates a thorough planning document and process flow in conjunction with the “in-house” program manager. This plan will guide the implementation and integration stages.

We follow the below data migration steps for implementation:

  • - Identifying the data to be migrated
  • - Determining the timing of data migration
  • - Generating the data templates
  • - Freezing the tools for data migration
  • - Deciding on migration related setups
  • - Deciding on data archiving

Managed ISF Filing

We get this question – I want to bring my filings in-house but I don't have the labor – can you help? We can help.

Our team can assist:

  • - Collecting the ISF data
  • - Filing the ISF transaction
  • - Ensuring ISF acceptance and match
  • - Communicating to downstream parties as necessary

You maintain control but outsource the work.

Managed ISF Filing
Tariff Classification

Tariff Classification

You have decided to modernize your management of classifications; now you need to get the work done. Let us help; we can take your data, load it, run it through the programs and give you the results. You don't have to go out and get the help. We are here for you.

  • - Evaluate existing Product/HTS association
  • - Classify new products
  • - Create a specialized database of the products with HTS

Solicitation Management

FTA's, CTPAT, Global Security, Social Compliance all have some upfront work to get your program started. Let our team help you begin the process, we help collect the data or questionnaire and get it loaded and then when you are ready we manage the solicitation process; launch the solicitations, manage follow-ups, validation of base information, passing anomalies to you for final review.

Solicitation Management

GTKonnect launches iKonnect +



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